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 12x1" SCA2 HDD Ultra 320 Hot swappable Backplane Factor
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Meets F.C.C.Class B & CE
  • Power supply: A.Redundant ATX 1.R2G-6300P 2x300W 2.R2G-6350P 2x350W 3.R2W-6400P 2x400W 4.R2W-6460P 2x400W 5.R3U-6480P 2x480W 6.R3G-6650P 650W 7.EPS Version as request. B.Single ATX 1.R2G-6400/6510P 400W/500W 2.BPS-300S/400S 300W/400W 3.MB-350VA~600VA 350W/600W 4.CWT-3002U 300W 5.EPS Version as request.
  • Backplane: SCSI 80PINS "SCAM" Compliant support SE/LVD & (SPI-4) Ultra 320 system, Transfer rate up to 320 MB/SEC(12 slots in one board design)
  • Functions: HDD Temperature Sensor, Fan Sensor Reset switch, HDD LED Indication control in Buzzer voltage.
  • Mainboard: Supply version SSI EEB V3.0 extened Max to 12"x13"
  • Fans: 1. 4 pcs x92x92x25mm(High rotation) Rated Speed: 2500 RPM 10% Air-flow: 98.6 CFMx4 2. 2 pcs x60x60x15mm(High rotation) Rated Speed: 4700 RPM 10% Air-flow: 20 CFMx2
  • Indicators: 17 LEDS ,for 13 Disk Drive status, 1Fan activity fault, 1 Operation Temperature, 1 Power ON/OFF , Redundant power fault.
  • Device Bays: 1. 1 Slim CD-ROM & 1Slim FDD 2. 12x1" Hotswappable SCA2 80PINS HDD trays(Horizontial) , Lockable
  • Switchs: Power ON/OFF, System Reset ON/OFF & Buzzer Reset(Fan/Temperature)
  • Temperature: 0C(32F)~35C(122F)
  • Assembly parts Included
  • Dimension: (W)424x(H)132.5x(D)660 mm or (W)19"x(H)5.22x(D)26"
  • Weight: N.W: 16.5kgs, G.W:19.5kgs
  • Shipping Dimension: Double package 1 pc/CTN/7.21 cuft
  • Finished: Anodized shiny sliver or Front panel in RAL9011(Black) as request

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