19 cabinet, backplane, clm, co location

 40U, 35.5" deep, Heavy duty steel rack, Black only
  • 2 of welded main frames
  • 2 heavy duty plinth (bases)
  • 4 piece triangle brackets
  • 2 sets of depth supporter
  • 40 pcs M6 bolt screws W/washer
  • 50 pcs M5 self-tapping screws
  • 40 pcs M6 cage nuts
  • tools and installation manual
  • Unit ship by knock-down only
  •  Feature
  • 4 pieces heavy duty triangle brackets on bottom of rack to make sure the main frame and plinth were fully connected and even support much better strength
  • Additional depth supporter on the top of rack to ensure main frames are fully connected
  • Allows you to install heavy duty server, not just for cabling
  • Allows you to install the sliding rail, not just stack them or center mounted
  • Allows you to install the wheel or bolt on the ground which you prefer
  • Allows you to connecting more racks side by side
  • Easy assembly
  • Shipping within 2 days
  •  Additional-Infomation
    U.S. PATENT 6,478,166

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